"God has blessed each and every person who has come to New Horizon Living Centers. The inner strength and friendships that are formed are gifts that allow us to overcome our individual struggles."

                                      - Dr. William Crandall, New Horizon Living Centers Director

Statements from Management

​"My name is Autumn Bardales.  I currently volunteer for New Horizons Living Center, Inc. as a house manager.  I lost my son on December 31st, 2016 to an overdose.  His name was Javier Cross and he was only 22 years old.  He was the smartest and funniest kid you would have met.  That day I will never forget, from the phone call all the way to the hospital.  I've had to make some really hard decisions while he was using as a addict, but I made them.  That didn't mean I loved my son any less.  Addiction is a serious disease, no matter how hard you try to get them help, and it can affect anyone.  I am fully dedicated to this program so no family ever has to suffer like my family has and still is.  I have an 18 year old daughter that has been highly affected by his passing.  The only thing I can tell you is I've learned things from personal experiences with my son and I can help guide you and your loved ones by trying to keep them on the right path.

​From a Devastated Mother,

Autumn Bardales"

Statements from Family and Friends of Clients

​"Dear Bill - here is my testimony to the miracle God has blessed on us through you and Andrea 

​In March 2012, My daughter was determined to return from a sober house in California, against all advice. I was so concerned about her returning to CT so soon; that she may pick up with the people she used with and relapse. I was referred to Dr. Bill Crandall, who manages the sober house at New Horizons. From the very first call to Bill, he was so kind and determined to help my daughter. He was honest and open with me about what this sober house was like. He promised me he could help and he did. She arrived in CT on March 13th and was taken in that day. Because she was prescribed some medication that was not appropriate for her, she was taken to Bristol Hospital to detox. Bill and Andrea handled the whole situation and stayed there with her late into the night until she was admitted. I will forever be grateful for the kindness and support they gave us so quickly.

​My daughter has been at New Horizons now for 3 months. Working with Bill and becoming an important part of CurArt, with Andrea managing her case, has been the greatest miracle of all. My sleepless nights and constant worry have disappeared. She is working her recovery because of New Horizons and CurArt. It has been such a blessing to see my daughter grow, mature, explore her talents and become the young woman I always knew she could be. The most rewarding part of our recovery has been rebuilding our relationship...as a mother and daughter...as friends! She is on Recovery Road...working hard at it and embracing all the spiritual, educational and holistic treatment that has been offered to her by Bill and Andrea.

​I am full of joy and hope...watching my daughter grow and mature under the New Horizons sober house environment. I thank you for your unending kindness, support and love that you and the women living there show her every day. Being cautiously optimistic, I have been holding back this opportunity to acknowledge my hope and appreciation. Today, I am ready to accept, that we are not alone in this; addiction is a family disease... and that New Horizons and CurArt have changed our lives.


Ann Samela

​(Becca Vieira's mom)"

​“Bill - My husband and I would like to thank you for caring for our daughter and being there when we all needed you.  We have gone from anger, confusion, sorrow, and fear, to hope, calmness, courage, and peace. We love our daughter, but that is not enough to help her.  I believe God has a plan for her and our family and he put you into our lives. You know just the right time to call and let me know how she is doing or give me a positive message when I need a lift. I know we have a long road to follow with our daughter and her recovery. With your help, I now have hope we can make it. Thank you for your continuing support!

    Sincerely, A loving mother”

"Her recovery is like a gift at the end of many years of turmoil. Again, thank you for your continuing support and good wishes.

    Fondly, Jeanne”

"Thank you for inviting me into your homes. They are truly beautiful! More importantly, thank you for the work you do, (and taking care of my friend). It is so nice to see people doing things out of the goodness of their hearts in this day. It is obvious you love what you do and genuinely love the girls. Prescilla and I were in awe on the drive home.

    Thanks again, Melissa”

"I want to thank you for getting our daughter on the right path. You have saved our lives and let us see the light at the end of the rainbow. Our daughter came to your sober living center after several episodes of treatment. She is finally a leader and not a follower. I can finally breathe easy knowing she is making positive choices today. We will always be here for her and she knows she has a loving family with her every step of the way.

    Sincerely, Lois”

"Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all that you have done for Laura. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help her through trying times and we want you to know how much she appreciates it, though she may not always admit it. The house has been a safe haven and afforded her the longest period of sobriety since she started her journey in addiction. The house was her second home and the women were always kind and supportive despite their own trials and tribulations. She can be unrelenting at times, but you seem to have cracked through her tough exterior and have never given up on her. God bless you for all the assistance.

    Best regards, Peg & Bob”

Statements from Current and Previous Clients

"Before my time at New Horizons, I frequented inpatient hospitalization and outpatient programs as I struggled with my emotional disorder and meth addiction. I snuck out, crashed my parents’ cars, lied to my friends, and struggled in school. Moving from a rehab in late 2015, I didn’t know what to expect from a sober house. It was a difficult adjustment, and I lacked self-confidence, but I had the support of my family in the process and found an inspiring community in NHLC. There, I learned skills to find my independence and began working toward earning privileges back, finding small personal successes, and repairing relationships with my family and friends.
    During my stay and since leaving, I’ve gotten back on track to higher education, returned to work, and I pursue multiple extracurriculars and maintain the positive relationships I have in my life. NHLC has given me an opportunity to reevaluate my self-worth and change the perspective I have on my potential. I’m glad to find that others from the program have found positive change in their life as well. Thank you Dr. Crandall, and as well, I must extend a special thanks to my outstanding, exceptionally wise, and caring house managers, Jesse Waldon and Shelley Davenport. Without these people, as well as countless others involved in my treatment, care and support, I would not have reached the point in my life that I have. They were there in times of emergency and at some of my lowest points, when I asked for help and even when I didn’t! Shelley and Jesse offered guidance and unconditional love, and I am indebted to them for the kindness they’ve shown me and so proud of the life New Horizon Living Centers has allowed me to fulfill."

- Luke 

"Like many others, my last weeks at rehab were stressful. Going home was not an option. Where could I find a safe place to live to start my new clean and sober life? Where could I find a sober house that was close to home, seeing that my town had no facilities of this kind? Fortunately, my counselor at rehab was familiar with Bill Crandall and New Horizon Living Center. I made contact with Bill prior to leaving rehab. Our phone conversations were not as much an interview as they were descriptive of the New Horizons program and the benefits of my making a choice to live there. I truly feel blessed that I was connected with Bill and the New Horizon program, which I moved into after rehab. There is nothing more powerful for me in early recovery than to be surrounded by clean and sober individuals who are working towards the same goal. New Horizon provided this and much more. I found Bill to be a very compassionate and caring individual. Bill doesn't greet you with a handshake - you get a hug, which is reflective of the caring environment at New Horizon. My gratitude is huge and I can only hope that others take advantage of this opportunity."

“My name is Anna. I am 20 years old and I am an addict and an alcoholic. My life hasn't been the easiest. I was born to a single mother who never planned on having children and didn't know what to do with me. At the age of 11, I lost my mother to the disease of addiction. In the eleven years I had with her, my mother tried very hard to fight this disease with various rehabs, halfway houses, counseling centers, etc. But on July 23, 1997 my mother tried to control her use one final time and she was found overdosed on heroin.
    I always promised my family that I would never touch drugs or alcohol. They tried their hardest to keep me away from it, but by the age of 15, I had already had my first black out, and by 19, I was introduced to cocaine and heroin. It wasn't until I was at a family function, where I got so drunk that I blacked out, that I told all five of my siblings, (and cousins,) about my drug use and how bad it had really gotten. When I came to, and realized what I had done, I drank more, trying to make it all go away, and ended up blacking out again. This time, I came to with my new brother-in-law choking me and I had no idea as to why. The next morning I went to my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with my oldest sister, who is also an alcoholic in recovery. I was able to put the drugs down for two months and attend meetings on a regular basis, but I continued to drink. At this point, I was able to finally admit defeat. On November 14, 2006, I checked into Mountainside Rehabilitation Center in Canaan, CT and my journey began. After two and a half months, my counselor and I decided it was time for me to move into a sober living environment.
    After searching far and wide, my counselor suggested New Horizon Living Center in Bristol, CT. I fought as hard as I could because I didn't want to live in Bristol. After speaking with Dr. William Crandall for two weeks, I took a trip to Bristol to check out my future residence. I'm a very stubborn person, so my first few weeks at New Horizon were not pleasant. But, five months later, I sit here writing this letter. While the past five months have been full of ups and downs, my choice to move to New Horizon definitely saved my life. Today, I truly believe that my counselor from Mountainside was correct that if I had moved home directly after treatment, I wouldn't have stayed clean & sober. I owe a HUGE thanks to the house and all of the women in my network. I was able to earn my seven month coin, continue the fight, and recover, one day at a time.

    Love, Anna”

"Since arriving at New Horizon Living Centers almost 2 years ago this house had become my safe home while on my journey.

    - Leslie”

"The New Horizon Living Centers is a great sober house. I arrived there on December 5th, 2011, immediately after I had completed an inpatient rehab program. As soon as I got there, I began to meet interesting and unique people who were enjoying their lives and having fun, yet they were completely sober. This is something that I had not even known was a possibility before. The first night there, I remember I went to an N.A. meeting. I was surprised to see how many other people go to these meetings. Some were my age, some older, and some younger. This encouraged me because it let me know that I wasn't going through this alone.
    It's a rule of the house that we attend at least five meetings a week. In addition, we each have chores we are expected to complete each day. The combination of the meetings and the chores teaches us responsibility. It also gets us involved in the sober community, and on top of that, leaves the house looking remarkably clean. I have heard many times that we were complimented by visitors on how the house looked: amazing and spotless. It's a cool house, too. It has three floors, wide screen TV's, great internet access, hot showers, two refrigerators, and comfortable couches, among many other things.
    Not only is it a cool house, but it has helped me get my life on the right track. Since I have been here I managed to enroll in school, and am getting very good grades. Also, with the help of some great counselors, I have been able to gain better faith in God. At one point in my life, I was starting to lose faith, as I had made some bad mistakes and had seen some pretty terrible things happen to myself. I was beginning to believe that the world was going to hell. However, with the help of my counselors, I learned the importance of believing in a higher power. I now attend church every Sunday, and pray often. This is something that I wouldn't have done before. I don't think that I had gone to church for over eight years before I got here, and honestly, I feel a lot better about myself after I finish praying.
    In conclusion, I would definitely recommend New Horizon to anyone in recovery. I have had a very positive experience, learned many new things, and met many new people. I've not only strengthened my relationship with God, but with my family as well. They are happy that I am starting to move forward with my life to create a better future, and leave the past as history. I feel that I'm a much more responsible person than I was last year, and I owe thanks to New Horizon Living Centers.

    - Dale”

"I moved into New Horizon upon discharge from Alliance treatment center after 26 days of treatment. My emotions were mixed. I felt I had acquired a vast amount of recovery-based knowledge and also gained some insight into my own psyche. I defragmented my individuality to answer questions about which direction to move in my sobriety. I wanted to continue moving in a positive direction, keep growing, and learn about myself. On the other hand, being kicked out of treatment came as a shock to me. It was devastating to know that yet again my sneaky old behaviors and defiance resulted in termination from another program.
    It was a relief when I spoke with Dr. William Crandall, the director of New Horizon Living Centers, because he allowed me to move in right away. My father brought me over to the house where we would have an interview and start the application/admission process. I already had my things packed from rehab and was ready to move in as soon as possible. When I arrived I was warmly welcomed by a resident. I was plagued with anxiety and acted very reserved. Dr. Crandall was anything but reserved; he got me out of myself, and out of my head. He assured my father that I was in good hands.
    I was ready to make the most out of the hand I was dealt. I had a few previous experiences with sober houses. The problem had always been how alone I felt, and how little motivation I had for improving my life - the problem was me, not the houses. The difference between New Horizon Living Centers and other houses is the invested interest the director had in the lives of the residents.
    A feature that I believe is unique to New Horizon and plays a crucial role in my recovery are the weekly counseling sessions I receive from the director. I have never felt so comfortable with being clean & sober as I do now. I feel supported, but not enabled by my new found family. I no longer have feelings of loneliness. It is truly amazing how much I have grown in such a short period of time. The seedling was there, it just needed to be nurtured to mature and blossom into a beautiful flower. My relationships with the other residents have also evolved. We have a responsibility to help each other and we take it very seriously. I am extremely grateful to have the life I live now and I know I will achieve my dreams because I’m worth it.

    - Sita”

"Stuck on a downward spiral that would ultimately lead to death and destruction, I knew I didn’t want the life of an active drug addict. I wasn’t willing to throw up the white flag and surrender. Day after day of the same insane thinking lead me to an 8 by 4 jail cell. Cold and depressed, I secretly plead to God to just allow me to go to sleep and never wake up. I had not only disappointed myself, but I had hurt the people I cared about most, my family. My disease progressed to the point of self-destruction and I had compromised every moral I had ever took pride in. I used more and more to alleviate the pain and feelings of disappointment. I hated myself for allowing myself to fall into the rat race once again. Although my family saw the signs that indicated I was using once again, I still proclaimed my innocence. I was living in a rooming house filled with seedy people who secretly used the same way I did.
    On January 9th, I got arrested and charged with larceny, robbery, and use of drug paraphernalia. Dope sick, depressed, and broken, I sat with myself all weekend and tried to piece together what brought me to this point in my life once again. Today I can tell you that I am so relieved and grateful that I got arrested because it provided me with a window of opportunity to choose to get help. I was transported to the courthouse on Monday morning after spending the weekend detoxing in lock up. I was about to face the court, but more importantly, it was time to face myself, my God, and my family. I am eternally grateful for my parents because without them, I would not be where I am today. They have been by my side through active addiction, abstinence, and recovery for the past seven years, so needless to say, I wasn’t pulling the wool over their eyes. They knew I needed help long before I did.
    The insanity of this disease is that the only person who didn’t think I needed help was myself. I wasn’t fooling anyone. At court, I was able to manipulate the system once again. I proposed the idea of outpatient three days a week and drug screening once a week and the court accepted. Once I knew I was being released, my diseased thinking kicked in once again. I planned on using that very afternoon, but my higher power intervened; thank God. I was left walking with no car, money, or hope. My parents knew that I was not going to succeed with those stipulations and they took matters into their own hands. I was given an ultimatum; come to New Horizon Living Centers or fend for myself. My family was done enabling me and only wanted to help from that point forward. Cold, wet, broken, and depressed, I agreed.
    Not more than an hour later, I was on my way to Bristol, CT. My life was about to change for the better in so many ways. We arrived and were warmly welcomed by the house manager. I was pessimistic, frustrated, confused, relieved, tired, and happy all at once. Not more than fifteen minutes had passed when the director, Dr. William Crandall, arrived. I observed his zest for life and recovery. He asked me one question; was I willing to make a lifelong commitment to my recovery? He spoke with such enthusiasm, he gave me the smallest seedling of hope that soon grew into a giant tree.
    I am so grateful that I was accepted into the house. I was in a hazy fog for a week or so but I quickly formed individual friendships with each member of the house. I know that my Higher Power, who I choose to call God, sent his angels to watch over me. New Horizon Living Centers is the best sober living environment I have ever lived in. The women are true powers of example in life and recovery. We each have unique qualities and help each other live to the best of our ability each day. I am so blessed to be a member of this house. NHLC has given me the chance I needed to blossom and grow in my recovery and spirituality. I have Dr. Crandall and the women in this house to thank for helping me start my journey into recovery and I know my success thus far is because of the opportunity I have been given.

    - Jenn”

"I was handed all of the tools for success. I choose to surrender on a daily basis. I want this! I am so tired of beating myself down, now I am building myself up. I am so grateful I have been given the chance to live a happy and fulfilled life.

    - Meaghan"

"At the age of 47, I surrendered to my alcoholism and went to a 90 day rehab. My alcohol addiction lead me to homelessness and sleeping in a shelter. I had been disowned by my daughter, my brother, and his family. Upon graduating, I still had no safe place to go afterward. New Horizon Living Centers accepted me into their program and gave me a safe and beautiful home. I have a new supportive group of friends that are my family. I renewed my faith in my Higher Power, which I choose to call God. My life has changed dramatically and I also have my family back in my life, my daughter included. Doing non-profit work, becoming a house manager, and having a regular day job keep my life full and busy. Life is good, thanks New Horizon Living Centers.

    - Luanne”

New horizons living center has helped myself and my family in so many ways the director there is always willing to work with myself and my family anyway she can. 10/10 recommend this please . Kierstin 

New Horizons Living Center stood by me every step of the way through my life's transformation. The Director began a mentoring palpable relationship based on compassion and a true desire to heal 3 months prior to my admission while I was incarcerated. I had a unique situation involving being unified with my infant son, and my living arrangements were made to accommodate my son's safety and foster a bond in that relationship. New Horizons served as a court appointed supervisor of my visitation and an advocate for my son's relationship with me. After the Covid-19 pandemic hit I was afforded the opportunity to earn money working for businesses that had a relationship with the program to help supplement my income, while looking for employment. Several precautions were in place to.ensure the safety of all residents and their children in a safe CLEAn family atmosphere with seemingly endless recovery resources. If you're unsure where to go from here... this isn't a bad place to start. O owe my life to New Horizons.

This program saved my life in more ways than one. Grateful for the support and services. 

New Horizon Living Center is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit organization that gives tremendous help to many people suffering from various needs. People just like you and I.. Your brother or uncle, or Son or Daughter with day to day living and the structure needed to stay clean and reacclimate to society with the tools they need to have a productive life.
This program and its small staff of volunteers, work tirelessly and selflessly to help men and women who are struggling with drug addictions and mental illnesses. We are very proud of the work we do here , and proud of the residents in our houses for taking their lives back! We look forward to learning more skills and growing this organization into a foundation for people to stand on and rebuild their lives back with.