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Who is GreenShare Technology?

GreenShare Technology is a non-profit organization that sells, refurbishes and recycles computers, serving the Greater Hartford community. GreenShare is a Microsoft-Registered Refurbisher and Microsoft-Authorized Education Reseller and recipient of the 2010 Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs Award, the 2011 Social Entrepreneur Award and the 2012 GreenCircle Award.

GreenShare Technology's Mission

GreenShare Technology's mission is to bridge the digital divide by providing low or no cost technology to those who cannot afford new equipment. GreenShare also provides opportunities for earth-friendly equipment disposal, as well as computer refurbishing and computer job training.

Why the Partnership Makes Sense

New Horizon Living Centers strives to provide housing and services to people with special needs such as physical or mental disabilities, addiction and alcoholism. As New Horizon helps these people to successfully become part of mainstream life, one resource many people who we serve need are computers and other technology. Especially for people who are on fixed incomes or who are still transitioning back to mainstream life, low-cost technology options are needed. That's where GreenShare Technology comes in. GreenShare provides the low-cost and sometimes no-cost technology that the people New Horizon serves need.

More information about GreenShare Technology

Find out more about GreenShare Technology, including how to receive a low-cost computer at www.greensharetechnology.org.

New Horizon Living Centers, Inc. recently teamed up with GreenShare Technology, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing low-cost or no-cost technology to adults and children who are in need. Keep reading to find out more about GreenShare Technology and why partnering with New Horizon Living Centers makes so much sense!

Meet GreenShare Technology!

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